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the author, Ann Brownlee Hello! And WELCOME to my Web Site, one and all! I hope you're enjoying it.

One of my ancestors was Henry Francis, the only Whig killed at the Battle of Shallow Ford. In 1994, I began looking for information on the battle. I had expected to have been able to pick up some books (plural, I thought optimistically) which would teach me about the battle. I was disappointed to find that there was only a small amount of published material: a few pages in a few books. The battle had largely been overlooked and forgotten. Remembrance of it had been kept alive almost exclusively by a handful of local historians in Yadkin and Forsyth counties, and history will always be indebted to them for keeping the spark alive.

And, thus, I embarked on a journey to thoroughly research this battle, which I have come to think of as "The Little Battle that Could." I have compiled a great deal of information, and my research will continue for several more years. I do plan, eventually, to write the book that I initially looked for and didn't find. Preserving the place this battle occupied in our history (but not the history books) has become my passion!

I've also become very interested in the Colonial and Revolutionary War periods in general, and have become involved in re-enacting (living history interpretation). My research at the Shallow Ford has led me on to the Trading Ford.

I'm cute and adorable, very bright and enthusiastic, and, like Mary Poppins, "practically perfect." (Everything else on this Web Site is factual. A little fiction won't hurt!) I'm guarded by a vicious, ferocious, miniature dachshund named "Ginger." Here she is acting like one of our founding mutthers:

Ginger at the Old Stone House

I'd love to hear from you.

-- Ann

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