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Montgomery County Virginia Militia

 Major Joseph Cloyd, Commander at Battle

Captain Isaac Campbell

  • Lieutenant William Dean
  • Lieutenant Michael Gleaves
  • Ensign John Renk
  • Michael Buster
  • William Campbell
  • George Ewing
  • John Ewing
  • Henry Francis (Jr.)
  • Robert Rhea
  • James Wylie/Willy

Captain Henry Francis*

  • Lieutenant John Francis
  • John Cock
  • William Rogers

Captain George Pearis/Parris**

  • Lieutenant James Mars
  • Aaron Collier
  • John Day/Daye
  • Thomas Farley
  • Thomas Shannon
  • Henry Walker

Captain Abraham Trigg

  • Lieutenant William Davis
  • Robert Bell
  • William Bradley
  • John Cooper
  • John Duncan
  • Anthony Dunkin
  • Thomas Evans
  • William Howerton
  • Reuben Ratliff
  • Nathan Ratliff
  • Henry Trollinger

Company not specified:

  • Henry Bishop
  • Charles Black
  • James Brown
  • _____ Bryant
  • James Fugate
  • John Ward**


North Carolina Militia

(Captain) Andrew Carson

Captain _____ Miller

Captain Jacob Nichols

  • John Callahan
  • James Holmes
  • Lawrence Maiden

Surry County Militia:

  • (David?) Allen**
  • Elihu Ayres
  • Lt. John Blalock
  • Claiborne Gentry
  • Lt. George Hauser
  • Capt. David Humphreys
  • John Majors
  • John Parmley
  • James Sanders
  • Capt. Henry Smith
  • John Spelts/Spelce**
  • Henry Tilley
  • Henry Ward
  • William Young




  • Colonel Gideon Wright
  • Colonel Hezekiah Wright
  • Captain (James?) Bryan*
  • Captain Ben Burke*
  • Captain _____ Kyle
  • Captain _____ Lakey**

  • _____ Skidmore
  • Ball Turner*



Other Patriots associated with the battle

General William Smallwood, Commander of North Carolina, marched his troops from camp at Captain Lindsay's, 12 miles southwest of Guilford Courthouse, to Moravian towns to meet the Tories; arrived in the area the day following the battle.

General William Lee Davidson, camped near Charlotte, dispatched Captain Andrew Carson's company to Shallow Ford.

General Jethro Sumner, camped near Salisbury, dispatched Captain Jacob Nichols', Captain _____ Miller's, and Colonel John Peasley's companies to Shallow Ford.

Colonel John Peasley (Guilford County NC Militia), dispatched by General Sumner, arrived with a company of 300 at the close of the battle.

Colonel Joseph Williams, Surry (now Forsyth) County Militia, lived a short distance from the battle site, heard the battle in progress, and arrived at the close of the battle.

Robbin Horn and Thomas Douglass, held prisoner by the Tories, escaped and fought on the side of the Whigs.

Thomas Young, NC Militia, was guarding the wagons and arrived on the battlefield after the battle.

George Kimbrough, was fishing at the Shallow Ford and witnessed the Tory retreat.

Abraham Creson, lived a short distance north of the battle field. Field Council held on his land following the battle (October 19th). May also have been the site of the local Muster Ground.

Dr. Bonn, Moravian physician, attended the wounded after the battle.

Joseph Dixon, apprentice to Dr. Bonn, attended the wounded after the battle.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Charley O. and Nona Francis, who initially shared their research with me and "jump-started" this project; Mary B. Kegley, for adding eleven (count 'em, eleven!) Montgomery county militiamen to this list; Carol Leonard Snow, for her expertise on Surry county soldiers; Bryan R. Howerton, Victor M. Seiders, Billy Markland, and Rod Hoots for contributing to the List of Soldiers.

Invitation: All citizens of the Colonies, whether loyal to the Cause of Liberty or to the King, are cordially invited to submit additional names and other pertinent information for inclusion in the List of Soldiers.


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