The Shallow Ford
The Battle
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Henry Francis
The Sources
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Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800, by Lewis Preston Summers, 1929.

"Battle of Shallowford," The Union Republican, Winston-Salem, NC, comp. by Dr. P. F. Laugenour, August 13, 1914.

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Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, National Archives, (microfilm):

  • Elihu Ayres W4335
  • Robert Bell S8065
  • William Bradley S6734*
  • James Brown S15347*
  • Umphrey Brumfield S8105
  • Michael Buster S1178*
  • William Campbell (Jane) R1632
  • John Cock VA 6792
  • Aaron Collier R2111*
  • John Cooper (Martha or Patsy) W8633; BLWT 26716-160-55*
  • John Day/Daye (Rebecca) W3006; BLWT 26338-160-55*
  • John Duncan S8373*
  • Anthony Dunkin S1808*
  • Thomas Evans (Jane) W923*
  • John Ewing S31015
  • Thomas Farley W7244
  • Henry Francis R3739
  • John Francis (Nancy) R3746
  • James Fugate S15846*
  • Claiborne Gentry S3391
  • James Holmes W4697
  • George Houser/Hauser W10118
  • William Howerton S15469
  • David Humphreys W9047
  • John Samuel Majors S16944
  • Nathan Ratliff S17034
  • Reuben Ratliff S31311
  • Robert Rhea W10235
  • William Rodgers S1249
  • Henry Smith S32525
  • John Spelts/Spelce S14548
  • Henry Trolinger W4087
  • Henry Walker S31459
  • Henry Ward (Charity) R11114
  • James Wyly W26145

The Shallow Ford, by G. Galloway Reynolds, 1989.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Draper Manuscripts (microfilm): Boone Papers, 8C: 20, 42, 43, 79, 83, 87, 91; King's Mountain Papers, 8DD4.

The State Records of North Carolina, Vols. XIV, XV, and XXII, by Walter Clark, 1993.

Sumner (General Jethro) Papers, N. C. State Archives, Raleigh, NC.

Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, 1988.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Charley O. and Nona Francis, Charles and Mark Hauser, Bryan R. Howerton, Al Hudson, Mary B. Kegley, Victor M. Seiders, Carol Leonard Snow, Kyle Stimson.


* Transcriptions of pension applications provided by Mary B. Kegley, prior to her publication of a book of Virginia Revolutionary War pension applications. For further information:

Mary B. Kegley
Kegley Books
Post Office Box 134
Wytheville, VA 24382

Information on several Surry county, NC militiamen provided by Carol Leonard Snow prior to her publication of a book on Surry county soldiers in the Revolutionary War. For further information:

Carol Leonard Snow
C & L Historical Publications
Post Office Box 703
Toast, NC 27049

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